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Message from the Medical Director

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Dear friends from foreign countries,

 Since its foundation in 1958, Ajisu Kyoritsu Hospital has been offering surrounding communities the highest possible level of medical care. Until this present time, its unchanging policy has been to provide compassionate medical care of high quality with each and every one of our patients.

 The hospital offers outpatient services and inpatient care in
Internal Medicine,
General Surgery,
Orthopedic Surgery,
Rehabilitation, and

with physical examination services available.
 The hospital, as a primary emergency one, can be visited or phoned anytime, and those patients who may need highly specialized treatments can be immediately referred and transferred to larger hospitals nearby.

 We've employed several IT systems, such as Ordering system, Electronically-processed clinical recording system, to provide all the patients with outstanding services of medical treatments, preventive medicine,and nursing or supporting care. With the help of these systems, we’ve been able to perform speedy treatments, prescriptions, and accounting procedures,offering you assured medical safety and shortening the time before a process of medical treatment is completed. Moreover, the hospital is equipped with CTscan, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan, with which the excellent accuracy of diagnoses is controlled and maintained.

 A special importance is also put both on our steady, sound finance & management and on the opportunity for our staff to cultivate their abilities for the purpose of attaining their own aims to live for. As one of the results of our staff’s consistent efforts, the hospital was certificated as “The hospital which has demonstrated satisfactory compliance with the applicable JCQHC accreditation standards (Assessment system division 2 - Ver.5.0) in January 21,2007.

 Realizing our important medical parts to play in the surrounding communities, we've determined to make every effort to meet medical needs , and to continue promoting the long-term cherished mutual trust in the communities.

 We understand that entering hospital can be confusing and overwhelming for patients and their family members, especially in a foreign country. Our staff is not only committed to provide outstanding medical services to each patient, but is also sensitive and responsive to the issues surrounding their families. We hope that our medical services will provide you and your family members with the feeling of relief, comfort and satisfaction.

 Please feel free to make contact with our staff and we'll welcome your visit to our hospital.


Masanori Miyoshi、M.D.

Medical director of Ajisu Kyoritsu Hospital

Masanori Miyoshi,M.D,PHD

Masanori Miyoshi、M.D.